Thursday, September 20, 2007

Destilando Amor: El capítulo final

It only gets better.

One of the men with moustaches is Rodrigo's cousin (this isn't news). He is actually responsible for the illegal exports, but has foisted the blame onto Rodrigo. Fearing retribution, he flees to an "island of savages" where he is promptly arrested. The law in this savage land dictates that he will be executed within 24 hours. After a heart-to-heart with Rodrigo in the jail cell (in his striped prisoner pyjamas) the man with a moustache is, in fact, killed.

About a week ago the Frenchman died in a car accident. This was better for everyone, it appears.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo is out of jail and trying to reunite with Gaviota, who is still angry with him for pretending not to love her so that she wouldn't go to jail. Eventually she leaves London and ends up in a Mexican independence celebration looking for him. She finds him just as he mounts a bucking bronco (drunkenly) and for a moment I think Rodrigo is going to die with his macho dignity. But he gets up and two months later they are married.

Eight years later they have too many small children to count and live on the plantation with everyone else, who also appear to be married - even Gaviota's mother has married a British man she met in London who barely spoke Spanish. By the way, everyone else in London spoke Spanish.

This took 2 1/2 hours to conclude.

The next telenovela (which immediately replaced Destilando Amor) is called "Pasión" and is about pirates. There are a lot of wigs and half-unbuttoned shirts in the commercials. I'm excited.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! ni yo vi esa novela, jajaja.
Pero me sirvio leer el resumen que colocaste aqui!!!
Vas a ver la que vienes?

mmmmm jejejej.

Nos vemos mañana en la Anahuc

Anonymous said...

ahhaaahaah ya vi la novela estaba chingona

la fresa said...

ahhhhhhhhh so ese es el final yo soy de idaho y aca todavia no se acaba la telenovela pero ya se el final